Engine room

Rotary Service's engine room stripped and ready for refurbishment early 2022, looking aft

A major part of the overall refurbishment includes the complete overhaul of the engine room. The vessel was originally fitted with twin Detroit 8v71Ti Diesels. These high revving two stroke v8’s provided a good power plant for use as an RNLI vessel, however it was felt that the as a youth training vessel lower revving, more fuel efficient engines were beneficial.

One of the two original engines, had suffered a catastrophic failure in the previous ownership, therefore these were removed. The trust has since sourced replacement engines in the form of Scania DSI11, four stroke six cylinder diesels, which should be lower revving and more economical to run.

Rotary Service's original Detroit 8v71Ti engine's being removed.

One of “Rotary Service’s” original Detroit 8v71Ti engine’s being removed.

Rotary Service's new Scania DSI11 Engines

One of the replacement Scania DSI11 diesels awaiting preparation and eventual installation in “Rotary Service”.